Shame 4K Jerrys Game


Shame 4K Jerrys Game


Jerry loves intricate and flashy sex. He binds his wife to the bed and fucks her so hard she forgets her name. And then Jerry pulls out his whips, spiked vibrators, clothespins, tasers and other cock enhancers and starts the second approach, after which his wife forgets what planet she lives on.

Jerry loves his wife and she loves him. But this time, after tying her up at her request, his demanding boss calls him into work. Well, Jerry decided, let that be part of the game. He left for the office, forgetting to lock the front door. Because of this tiny oversight, Jerry’s game continued without him…


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Shame 4K Jerrys Game





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Date: February 17, 2024
Actors: Tammy Jean

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